Going Forward


The Future of Rough Sets


In March 2019, we asked the members of the IRSS Advisory Board to write a short contribution (two to three pages) providing some directions for future research in rough set theory.
We collected 12 contributions, covering the different facets and application fields of rough set theory.
These contributions will also form the starting point of a round table which will be held at next International Joint Conference on Rough Sets (IJCRS19) in Debrecen, on June, 20th.


June, 6 2019

Davide Ciucci, IRSS President
Victor Marek, Chair of the IRSS Advisory Board

The list of contributions:

  • Chakraborty, M. “Rough Sets: Looking Forward”
  • Greco, S.; Matarazzo, B.; Slowinski ,R. “Distinguishing Vagueness from Ambiguity in Reasoning About Ordered Data through Rough Set Approximations”
  • Janicki, R. “Directions for Future Research in Rough Sets: Optimal Approximations”
  • Marek, V. “Linguistic aspects of Rough Sets and an application of Rough Sets in Analytic Processing”
  • Moshkov, M. “Extensions of Dynamic Programming for the Study of Decision and Inhibitory Trees and Rules”
  • Pal, S.K. “Rough Sets and Deep Learning: some concepts"
  • Peters, G. “Some Directions for Future Research in Rough Sets”
  • Peter, J.F. “Reflection on the future of rough sets”
  • Polkowski, L. “Some remarks on the state of rough sets with a subjective view on research therein”
  • Sakai, H “On Rough Set-based Rule Generation and Apriori-based Rule Generation: A Comparison of them and a Combination for Effective Rule Generators”
  • Skowron, A. “Interactive Granular Computing (IGrC): Rough Sets based on Judgment over Dynamic Networks of Complex Granules”
  • Yao, Y. “Three topics on rough set research”


Download "The Future of Rough Sets" PDF file