Published 10.10.2015

AAIA'16/FedCSIS'16 Data Mining Challenge
AAIA'16 Data Mining Challenge is the third data mining competition associated with International Symposium on Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications which is a part of FedCSIS'16 conference series ( ). This time, the task is related to the problem of predicting periods of increased seismic activity which may cause life-threatening accidents in underground coal mines.
Published 26.09.2015

Special issue in "Fundamenta Informaticae" on Rough Sets and Fuzzy Sets
Soon we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Professor Lotfi Zadeh's first publication on fuzzy sets. Rough sets emerged more than 30 years ago as another major mathematical approach for managing uncertainty that arises from inexact, noisy, or incomplete information. Over the years it was recognized that the two approaches can work nicely as complementary.
Published 16.09.2015

2016 International Joint Conference on Rough Sets (IJCRS 2016) to be held in Antofagasta, Chile
The 2016 International Joint Conference on Rough Sets (IJCRS 2016) is the prime international conference sponsored by the International Rough Set Society (IRSS).
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