Published 08.08.2023


We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the Rough Set School, 17-18 September, in Warsaw, Poland. This event, a part of the FedCSIS 2023 conference, is tailored for those embarking on their journey with rough set techniques.

The Rough Set School, set against the backdrop of the ongoing industrial transformation steered by Artificial Intelligence advancements, aims to introduce the significance of rough set techniques in AI methodologies. Developed by Professor Zdzisław Pawlak, the Rough Set Theory has been instrumental in areas such as data analysis, decision support systems, and knowledge discovery. The school offers a supportive international setting for newcomers to the field, providing a comprehensive introduction to the foundational theory, applications, and associated algorithms of rough sets.

General Information

The Rough Set School is open to all who are keen to explore the broad field of AI, data analysis, and rough set techniques. We especially encourage those at the beginning of their research or professional projects to apply, as the school is designed to provide foundational knowledge and insights.

The school spans two full working days. Every participant will receive a certificate prepared in cooperation with the International Rough Set Society (IRSS). The working language is English; hence, a proficient understanding and ability to communicate in this language is expected.

Location and Programme

The Rough Set School is hosted in Warsaw, Poland. The primary form of engagement will be:

Tutorial Lectures: These sessions will delve deep into the theory, applications, and software associated with rough set techniques, ensuring participants gain a holistic understanding of the subject.

Besides the tutorials, participants will also have access to:

FedCSIS Keynote Talks ( on September 18.
RSTA Conference Session ( on September 18.

Data mining competition ( on September 18
FedCSIS Plenary Panel on September 17.
Lunches and Coffee Breaks on both September 17 and 18.
FedCSIS Social Event on the evening of September 17.

For a detailed program and more information,

Participation Fee

The fee for the Rough Set School is 200 EUR. Registered participants of either FedCSIS 2023 or IJCRS 2023 ( can attend the Rough Set School without additional costs.

Application Procedure

To register, please visit the official registration page:


For questions related to the application, please write to: