Published 08.05.2020

Senior Member 2020

Nominations and applications for senior membership are open until May, 24th.


RSS Senior membership rules:

1) Requirements for an IRSS member to apply for IRSS senior membership

    a) 5 years of IRSS membership, or published a rough set research paper over 5 years ago;
    b) Good achievement on rough set research and possible contribution for the development of IRSS;
    c) Nominated by 3 IRSS members;

2) A simple majority (i.e., a vote in favor by more than 50% of all IRSS Executive Board, Advisory Board and Steering Committee members) is required for a candidate for an IRSS senior member to be elected. IRSS President chairs the election.

3) The number of IRSS senior members should be less than 10% of IRSS members.



Procedure for submitting an application:


The procedure of submitting an IRSS Senior Member application/nomination form is as follows.


  1. The nominator/applicant fills in the application/nomination form and find enough references who support the application/nomination. Nominator who wants to nominate someone to be an Senior Member, please fill in the Nomination part of the Form.
    Applicant who wants to apply for IRSS Senior Membership, please fill in the Application part of the Form.
  2. The nominator/applicant sends the completed application/nomination form and e-versions of the representative papers/books of the candidate to Davide Ciucci ( and Duoqian Miao ( and cc it to the references.


Download Senior Member Nomination/Application Form.