Published 06.10.2016

Plenary panel sessions dedicated to Professor Pawlak

This is the year of the 90-th anniversary of birth and the 10-th anniversary of death of Professor Zdzislaw Pawlak (1926-2006).

Therefore, two plenary panel sessions dedicated to Professor Pawlak are being prepared.

1. At FedCSIS 2016 (Gdansk, September 11-14):


The plenary panel session will form a thematic block with the AAIA 2016 sessions focused on rough sets and approximate reasoning:
See also our Upcoming Conferences section for more details about the call for position papers at FedCSIS / AAIA 2016.


2. At IJCRS 2016 (Santiago de Chile, October 7-11):


The plenary panel session is planned to summarize Professor Pawlak’s scientific journey and discuss connections between rough sets and other areas of computer science and mathematics. Achievements of Professor Pawlak will be also referred during other talks, by those of keynotes and IRSS fellow speakers who knew him in person. More ...