Published 09.06.2014

Result of the IRSS 2014 election

In 2014, according to the Constitution and Bylaws of International Rough Set Society, the Society elected its officers for the next term.

The election process includes the following steps according to the IRSS bylaws.


  1. IRSS members nominate candidates for the 4 positions of IRSS Vice President, Secretary, SC Chair and AB Chair for the next term.
  2. The current IRSS EB members, SC Chair and AB Chair select the top10 possible candidates according to their number of nominations.
  3. Each possible candidate is asked to select a position which he/she is going to run for. In this step, 2 possible candidates give up.
  4. The 8 candidates submit their vision statements.
  5. IRSS members vote online.

The voting result of the IRSS 2014 election is as follows.




Position  Electee Percentage of votes
 IRSS Vice President  Yiyu Yao  98%
 Secretary of IRSS  Davide Ciucci  50%
 Chair of the Steering Committee  Duoqian Miao  50%
 Chair of the Advisory Board  Jerzy W. Grzymała-Busse  58%