Published 05.02.2013

Message from newly elected Executive Board of IRSS

Dear Members of International Rough Set Society

The Society has elected its Executive Board for the 2012-2014 term. The newly appointed officers of IRSS are  taking over their duties.




Welcome Message from new IRSS Executive Board

Dear IRSS Members,

During the 2nd Joint Rough Set Symposium (JRS) in Chengdu, China, on August 17-20, 2012, the outcomes of the recent IRSS election were announced. As a result, the new Executive Board of IRSS was established, including Dominik Ślęzak (President; former Vice President), Guoyin Wang (Vice President; elected), Zbigniew Suraj (Secretary; elected) and Chris Cornelis (Editor; representing organizers of next RSCTC conference in Madrid, Spain, 2014). Also, JingTao Yao and Shusaku Tsumoto were elected as Chairs of Steering Committee and Advisory Board.


As the new IRSS Executive Board members, we would like to acknowledge Roman Słowiński, Jerzy Stefanowski, Marcin Szczuka, Yiyu Yao, Pawan Lingras, Wei-Zhi Wu and William Zhu for their excellent service as former President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chair and Vice Chair of Advisory Board, as well as Editors of IRSS Bulletin and Homepage. We would also like to thank Tianrui Li, Jerzy Grzymała-Busse and Ivo Düntsch for agreeing to be appointed as candidates for Secretary, as well as Chairs of Steering Committee and Advisory Board in the election.


The new IRSS Officers will serve until the next election in 2014. In next several weeks, we will define the most important goals and problems to be solved in the upcoming two years. We will cooperate with new Chairs in order to complete structurres of Steering Committee and Advisory


Board. We will also cooperate with organizers of the 3 d Joint Rough Set Symposium in Cairo,Egypt, on November 16-18, 2013, as well as other events and projects related to rough sets worldwide. We will be very grateful for your comments and suggestions with this respect.

Best regards,


Looking forward to meeting and discussing with you,

Dominik Ślęzak (

Guoyin Wang (

Zbigniew Suraj (

Chris Cornelis (