Published 16.06.2013

Joint Rough Set Symposium 2013 (JRS'13) to be held on October 10-14 in Halifax, Canada

The 2013 Joint Rough Set Symposium (JRS 2013) encapsulates the 14th International Conference on Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets, Data Mining and Granular Computing (RSFDGrC 2013) and the 8th International Conference on Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology (RSKT 2013). It will also host the workshops on Rough Set Theory (RST 2013) and Rough Set Applications (RSA 2013).

JRS was organized for the first time in 2007 in Toronto, Canada, and was re-established in 2012 in Chengdu, China, as the major flagship IRSS-sponsored event gathering different rough-set-related conferences and workshops every year. This year it will provide a forum for researchers and practitioners interested in rough sets, soft computing, data exploration and knowledge technology.


JRS'13 was originally planned to be held in Cairo, Egypt. Unfortunately, due to the current situation in Egypt, it had to be relocated. Its new date/place is October 11-14 2013, Halifax, Canada


Latest news: The submission deadline for the Fourth Rough Set Theory Workshop and the 2013 Workshop on Rough Set Applications  is extended to July 30, 2013.



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